I work with these technologies:

  • Node.js
  • Babel & ES6/7
  • React, React Router & Redux
  • GraphQL, Relay, Apollo & DataLoader
  • Webpack, Browserify, Rollup & JSPM
  • Express & Koa
  • RethinkDB, MongoDB, Firebase & PostgreSQL
  • Redis & RabbitMQ
  • PostCSS, SASS, Basscss & Tachyons
  • Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Jest & Supertest
  • JSON Webtokens (OAuth 2.0)

…and provide these services:

  • Defining product specs based on commercial goals.
  • Optimizing existing architecture as per latest standards.
  • Developing technical infrastructure from the ground up.
  • Mob/pair programming and mentoring for developers.

Usually, I work remotely on an independent contract basis in small to medium sized teams with both short-term and long-term projects. For discussions, referrals and work samples, write to me at [email protected].