tl;dr I do stuff on my 💻.

  • I study Computer Science at UCLA, currently in my junior year on leave.

  • I first wrote code in sixth grade in Logo (dialect of LISP).

  • I used to make Flash animations(.swf anyone?) before mainstream coding.

  • I am a certified Level 3 Astronomer with a couple of Near-Earth Object observations using Astrometrica.

  • I shuffle cards and do close-up card tricks sometimes.

  • I won the Scholastic Wordmaster Championship in junior high after misspelling ‘hygiene’ in the preliminary stage.

  • I listen to a lot of music from various genres ranging from rap to alt-rock to atmospheric dance. My all-time favorites are: Drake, G-Eazy, What So Not, Sickick, Hippie Sabotage, deadmau5 and Arctic Monkeys among others.

  • I have read a decent amount of detective fiction, thriller fiction and fantasy over the years. Some of my favorites are: Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Robert Langdon Series, Tolkien Mythology, Inheritance Cycle, Bartimaeus Sequence and His Dark Materials among others.

About Yuppies

This site is primarily an experiment in using modern front-end tooling for blogging. Its predecessor has been on the internet since 2013 and is still on a ‘free-to-host’ provider. I was using Blogger for sometime before switching to Tumblr. For Yuppies however, I am using a completely custom solution built with React, Webpack, Gatsby, PostCSS, Firebase and Google Apps Script. The complete source code is available from GitHub. People from the community had nice things to say about Yuppies:

The color scheme is specifically tuned for an enhanced contrast ratio of 11 that conforms to Level AAA of the WCAG 2.0.

  • Dark Gunmetal #21232d - Background
  • Timberwolf #d8d8d6 - Foreground
  • Pastel Yellow #f3f99d - Blockquotes
  • Maya Blue #57c7ff - Hyperlinks
  • Razzmatazz #f92672 - Accent

The layout is based on a modular scale with a base font-size of 18px on desktop, 16px on mobile and a ratio of 9:8. I don’t use any CSS frameworks. Due credit goes to the following persons for letting me use their work from The Noun Project:

  • “Online Search” by AFY Studio
  • “Planning” by Delwar Hossain
  • “Web Code” by Roselin Christina.S
  • “Emails” by Calvin Goodman
  • “Book” by Icons Bazaar
  • “Newspaper” by Ralf Schmitzer
  • “Book Reading” by Sergey Demushkin
  • “Shopping Cart” by Hand Made
  • “Network” by Curve
  • “Branch” by Richard Slater
  • “Paper Clip” by NAS
  • “Vector” by Yohan Boniface
  • “Chat” by i cons
  • “Brain” by Sergey Patutin
  • “Optimization” by Gregor Črešnar
  • “Headphones” by Oliviu Stoian
  • “Images” by John Caserta
  • “Business People” by Gregor Črešnar
  • “HTML Code Control” by Rohit Arun Rao
  • “Magnifying Glass” by Ricardo Martins
  • “Send Message” by Gautam Arora
  • “Crane Operator” by BirVa Mehta
  • “Video Camera” by Yorlmar Campos
  • “Voice Message” by Gregor Črešnar
  • “Business Analysis” by Delwar Hossain
  • “Writing” by Creative Stall
  • “DNA” by Anthony Bossard
  • “Balloons” by icon 54

The 💰💋😎🍺🚬🐱 used on this site are rendered via “Twemoji” by Twitter.